Sunday, February 26, 2017

Wandering With The Wrights

Since the last blog we have finished up our last NOMADS Project in Crystal River, Florida, Visited Key West and the Everglades.  It has been a busy two weeks.

The Methodist Church that hosted us in Crystal River has a lovely old chapel and the pastor held our closing morning devotions there.  We always end with a communion service and it is always lovely and this was no exception - it is also a little sad as we know we are all heading separate ways in the morning.  We left and headed south to Tavernier, FL in the Keys. 
It was to long of a trip in one day so we stopped of at the "Wright Campground" in Punta Gorda.
We had visited earlier and they were gracious enough to have us back for a night.  We had a fun evening, and shared ice cream with Becky Wright, Dorothy Wright, Anne Miller, and Lulu - thank you ladies!!
We were fortunate to get an RV site at the ELKS Lodge in Tavernier - this was our view from the front window.
The view at sunset - even Teddy was amazed
The next morning we headed to Key West - very crowded and commercial which isn't our thing but we had to be able to say that we had been to the end of U.S. Highway 1

Now we can say - Been there done that :-)
1945 image, much larger than life, of a sailor planting a kiss on a nurse on the day most Americans learned of the Japanese surrender in World War II
Sponge Bob??
Streets were crowded and narrow - we were very happy we were in the Jeep and not the motorhome
Also visited Mallory Square which has always been the hub of Key West's social and commercial life since the city began in the 1820's.  It is where ships laden with goods from shipwrecks would dock and the goods stored in warehouses on the waterfront.  Where town people came to exchange news and shop.  Fast forward a century and a half and it is still the place to come eat, enjoy, and be entertained.  The "party" starts every night 2 hours before sunset.  There are musicians, jugglers, acrobats, etc.  The place is packed with performers and tourists.

Mallory Square was fun but by this time we were exhausted and we still had a two hour drive back home.
Beautiful architecture in the Keys and vibrant colors
I loved the looks of this home

You didn't think you would get through a blog without a picture of our grandson did you?  This is Vincent at one week being held by his great-grandma, my mom - she still has the touch at 93!!
How about that another picture of Vincent slipped in!!
We were particularly pleased to find this home - 1112 Southard  -  it is where Jerry's folks rented an apartment shortly after they were married during WW II when Tom was stationed at Boca Chica NAS Naval Air Station.
Truman's Little White House  We visited here our 2nd day in Key West.  Had a wonderful docent.  The house is located in a lovely part of town - very interesting tour

Hemingway's Home was also very interesting to see and to learn about the man

While Hemingway was away on a trip his wife had this pool put in with her own money and removed his boxing ring that was there.   That did not make him happy so - - 
In retaliation he went to an old bar and got the urinal that is laying on the ground and had it surrounded in tile and made a foundation out of it for the cats to drink from.  The story of Hemingway and his six-toed cats began in the 1930's when he was given one as a gift.  Sailors favored these cats believing they were good luck.  Today decedents of that first six-toed cat still roam the grounds.

One of my memories of Key West will be roosters and cigars.  Roosters all around crowing and many many men and women smoking cigars!!

We left the Keys and headed to The Everglades and stayed at a campground right in the middle of Big Cypress National Preserve.  We drove down Hwy. 41 known as alligator alley as one can see alligators and many different birds along the highway in the canals.  We had to be careful even in the campground with Teddy as there was a lake that had alligators.  Very unique experience to be taking a picture of an alligator swimming by and you look down and there is one sunning itself just 12 or 15 feet from where you are standing.  Upon arriving at the Midway Campground we couldn't get our water pump to work - it is shot but fortunately Jerry did a work around until we get to someplace that has the controller we need.  So grateful for how handy Jerry is!!!!

Went to this restaurant in Everglade City

It was outdoor dining and this was the view from our table.

another view from our table

These heavy metal boxes were at the campground in the Everglades.  They are for tenters to use if they don't have a vehicle to lock their food in - many come in by bicycle or motorcycle.  They are supposed to be bear proof.

Our campground was in an area called Ochopee.  No town but they did have a post office - the smallest in the world. 

We bought stamps there and the post master has worked there 11 years

This is an Anhinga.  It has its wings out drying as they don't repel water like a duck and they would drowned if they didn't get them dry.


We took a two hour tram tour in the Everglades and climbed to the top of this structure to get a great view of the area.

From the top of the tower

Another Anhinga

Wish I knew the name of all the birds - they were beautiful and it was so great seeing so many different species in their natural habitat.
We had a 2 1/2 drive to the ELKS Lodge in Sebring, Fl  Feel like we are back in civilization after more than a week in the Keys and Everglades.  Keys has lots of people but very little shopping - Everglades are just totally remote.

Our view from the motorhome in Sebring at the Elks.  Tonight is the end of our second day here.  It has been so peaceful and beautiful - sorry to leave.

Head out in the morning for Sanford, Fl and will be in one place for a week!!!  Until next time - - - - - - 

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  1. You are making me yearn to travel again (for a while). We've never been to Key West. Can't abide by crowds. But for a day to see the sights would be just fine.