Friday, October 14, 2016

Wandering With The Wrights

We continue our time in Illinois visiting family and friends.  We have been busy since the last blog in August.  

One of the unplanned adventures that came up for me was a 3 day trip to Maryland.  My friend Laura was taking her son, Parker, to the University of Maryland for his freshman year and Laura and I figured we could keep busy just talking and catching up on the trip so I decided to ride along.  We had a great time catching up and the time and miles really flew by.

This sign was outside one of the hotels we stayed at - and I was driving when we arrived and took advantage it.

So proud of Parker - this young man has a wonderful future in front of him.

Saying goodbye 
 Many of you know that my mom has been suffering with severe nerve pain in her right arm aggravated by shingles since last November.  After trying shots, different therapies a variety of pain medication it was decided to surgically cut two ligaments in her right wrist to release the pressure.  The surgery was done on September 7th and she is just beginning to get some use of her hand back.  She still has pain where the incisions were for the surgery but one doesn't heal as fast when they are 93 but the doctor is hopeful that in the next 4 - 6 months she will be almost pain free.  She is going to therapy twice a week and we are seeing improvement.  Many of you prayed and are praying for her and we really appreciate that.

Waukegan Air Show - it was an overcast day but we still had a great time.

The day was made more special by having our grandson Calvin and his dad with us.
We are still camp hosting and now that the season is winding down and there are less people around we are seeing more and more of these guys.

Jerry likes to ride his bike to the permit booth where we work and it is dark when he comes home  - scary if you don't know what is coming at you in the dark - lol

My mom and I took a 4 day trip up to visit my cousin Mary and her husband Jim in Three Lakes, WI
They just bought there house on the lake last year and it was wonderful visiting with them.

Mom, Mary, Jim, Sadie and I out for a boat ride - there view of the lake from their home is amazing.

Teddy turned 8 last week - he is such a joy and a great traveler

Jerry decorated the coach for Halloween - view from outside

View from inside

Calvin, our oldest grandson turned 13 yesterday (his golden birthday) and his other grandparent's who also like to camp came out for the week-end.  It was chilly but we all had a great time.
Calvin's Great Grandma Dorothy - she is 100 years old and still camping!!
Cal actually put down his I-Pad long enough to love on Teddy
Peter & Becky have a dog named Lulu - she and Teddy got along really well
Peter with his mom

All that fresh air is tiring
Happy Birthday Cal 

Lulu with Jerry and Teddy with Peter.  As long as someone is holding them they don't care whose lap they are in
Jerry thought he heard something in the garbage can when he took the garbage the other night and this little fellow was fast asleep inside the can.
We have been busy doing projects on the motorhome that we should have done months ago and visiting with friends before we head out for the winter.  We plan to leave on November 1st for warmer temps.  It has been unusually warm for this time of year and that has been great but it won't last much longer.  

We pray that you are all well - hugs and blessings, C & J