Sunday, March 12, 2017

Wandering With The Wrights
March 12, 2017

We have spent the last two weeks in Sebring and St. Augustine Florida. 
The street sign where our coach was parked in Sebring

 In Sebring we just really relaxed.  We had been away from stores like Sam's for awhile so caught up on some shopping and just sleeping in and relaxing.  We were at a campground with full hook-ups so did lots of laundry too.  We did drive into Daytona one day with some fellow NOMAD's John and Mary Ann Hooper and went to the Flea Market & Farmer's Market.  It has been voted one of the top 5 markets in the country and it is HUGE!!  We did buy a set of bamboo sheets but other than that just walked and looked at everything.  It was fun to spend the day with friends.  We went to church at the RV Park.  It was a nice service and they even sang a welcome song to us and invited us to join them for lunch which we did and thoroughly enjoyed.

It was then a short 87 miles to St. Augustine where we have also been for a week.  
We toured Flagler College and we were in awe of the beauty and the history.  It is today a private college costing $27,000 a year to attend including room and board but in its day it was the Ponce de Leon Hotel built by Henry Flagler an industrialist, oil magnate and railroad pioneer.  The tours are given by students and the young lady who did our tour was delightful and very knowledgeable.

Beautiful fountain at the college - it is also a sun dial.

When a hotel Ladies had to wear dresses covering their ankles and men had to wear suits and ties whenever leaving their  rooms

 The main dining room when a hotel and today continues to be where the students eat.  Each of the bulbs you see are in carved lion head mouths.

They have the largest collection of Tiffany Stained Glass in anyone place 
The rotunda ceiling

Even the floors were beyond beautiful

And of course the most recent pictures of that new grandson of ours.

While in St. Augustine we were able to spend time with some friends from our church in Gurnee, IL  Joe and Alice McPherson.  They had us for breakfast and took us on a  drive down by the ocean.  We also had dinner Friday night with them and attended church with them this morning and then out to lunch.  It was great spending time together.

We took this trolley everywhere we went in St. Augustine.  It was great as the streets are narrow and full of cars, busses and tourists
We toured an old general store that was really interesting 

Jerry climbed to the top - I opted out as the last time I climbed one in Michigan I had my one and only panic attack and didn't want to repeat the experience.

 Lignter Museum was originally built across from the Ponce de Leon Hotel for those who didn't want to dress as formally and it was called The Alcazar Hotel.  It contained a huge swimming pool which the Ponce de Leon did not.  People from the Ponce were allowed to go to the Alcazar but not the other way around.  It is now home to the museum, cafe's, government offices and antique stores.

Pictures just don't show the beauty 

Henry Flagler built the Memorial Presbyterian Church in memory of his eldest daughter who passed away after giving birth to his grandchild.  It is considered one of the 8 religious wonders in the US and it is beautiful.

We didn't sit in the pews but they must not be very comfortable as their were pills everywhere

We spent a lot of time on St. George street - so many shops, restaurants, museums. 

Jerry toured this Spanish Military Hospital Museum
Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Castillo de San Marcos fort - it was a beautiful day outside and we so enjoyed our time there.  Learned a lot and just enjoyed the views.

We got to see them fire the cannon - they do the same procedure as they did back when the fort was active.

Between the two walls is a moat - however they never filled it with water it is where  they would put their livestock when being attacked so that they wouldn't be killed.

This Oak Tree, called The Old Senator, it is well over 600 years old.  It is located 600 feet from The Fountain of Youth - perhaps that is why it has lived so long.  It actually has a palm tree growing in it. 

This is the Avenue of Willows however there are only Oak Trees on it today.  The leaves and moss form a beautiful canopy over the road.

We stayed at the Elks Club while in St. Augustine - we had no problem finding it as this stature fountain greeted us whenever we returned.
The Lodge is right next door to the VERY popular St. Augustine Amphitheater.   The Tuesday night we were here Willy Nelson played and Thursday night was Earth, Wind & Fire.  We could barely hear Willy but could hear Earth, Wind and Fire and really enjoyed the concert form our motorhome.

We leave St. Augustine in the morning for Brunswick, Ga  It will be nostalgic for me as I lived there from 1966-69 when my late husband was in the Navy and our oldest son was born there.  Anxious to see how things have changed.  We did visit one other time but even that was 33 years ago.

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  1. Isn't it inconceivable to think about having that much money to be able to build such grand buildings.