Sunday, February 12, 2017

Wandering With The Wrights

I usually try to keep the blogs in date order but this past Wednesday February 8th was such an exciting day I had to put it first.  Our grandson, Vincent Michael Kimmel, was born:  8lbs. 14 oz and 20" long.  

My son holding his son!
Vincent in a sweater my mother knit.

Vincent's ride home from the hospital - not such a happy camper.
I will do my best to not go overboard on baby pictures but be patient with me please :-)
We are so happy that he is here and healthy - God is so Good.

Okay now back to the regular blog:  We left Wauchula, Fl February 17th and spent the next 11 days in Clermont - just west of Orlando.
Saw lots and lots of these trucks hauling huge quantities of oranges
One of the highlights of our time in Clermont was visiting with my cousin Wendi who lives in Orlando.
We drove a long way through lots of heavy traffic in Orlando to Titusville as they were  doing a night launch.  We had a wonderful view from across the lake.   Many people were gathered there to watch.  3 minutes before lift-off an airplane flew into the flight path and they scrubbed the launch!!  They rescheduled for the next night but we couldn't make it.
Oh well someday!
We spent the day in Tampa at a huge RV Show.  We bought this sign to put in front of the motorhome.  We were both very pleased that we didn't see anything we liked better than the motorhome we have.

This is the team - there are 10 of us working the projects and another NOMADS couple who are helping to coordinate  things and make sure we have supplies.  As usual they are a great group of Christian people and we have enjoyed working with them so much.  The couple to the left of me holding the dog you might remember from a year ago when we did our fist NOMADS project in Buckeye, AZ.  Sandy and Steve are a great couple and Sandy has taken me under her wing and taught me so much.  Gabriel is Steve's service dog.  When Teddy and Gabriel saw each other when we arrived they were so cute - it was like they remembered each other and just ran around and played.
Gabriel & Teddy - happy to be back together again!
The cross at the Crystal River United Methodist Church that is hosting this NOMADS project.  They have a wonderful worship band and we have truly enjoyed worshipping with them.
All of the rigs are parked at the church.  
2 couples and 1 single man have stayed at the church during the work week and replaced an old fence with this beautiful new one.  It surrounds the churches pre-school.

The other 7 of us have been traveling to an unincorporated area called Ozello about 20 minutes from the church.  The owner, a widow, had a 9 foot storm surge that put 4 feet of water into her trailer and huge addition.  Another group came in and pretty much gutted everything from 5 feet down and we have been repairing the flooring which took a hit from the water but also had a lot of termite damage, installing insulation, drywall, etc. even making the front of the house look much better.  There is a long way to go yet - another team from Canada comes in when we leave to install lower cabinets, flooring, etc.  
The front of the house when we arrived 2 weeks ago
How it looks today!

What was underneath the flooring in the kitchen - not much.
Sometimes one just needs to sit and study a problem to figure out what to do

Where we get to sit and have lunch everyday - the back of the house is on a canal - it so beautiful and peaceful.
Wayne tries fishing at lunch but hasn't had much luck yet
Jerry hard at work

The floor issue kept growing and growing but if you are going to do it might as well do it right.  They ended up tearing most of the flooring and replacing.
Everything had to come out of the bathroom to work on the floor in there.

When we get home after a long day the ladies from the church have fixed us dinner - how awesome is that!

Our NOMADS group outing the first week-end.
We were on a pontoon boat and learned a lot about the eco system and saw a few things that made us very glad we were in a pontoon boat or any boat and not in the water.

Gabriel found a whole in the side of the boat so he could look out and see what was happening too.

After our boat ride we went across the street to the Blue Gator for lunch.  Seafood, hush puppies, coleslaw - hard to beat.

Back at the work site things are looking up - this is the awful floor in the kitchen and the new drywall - all mudded and ready to prime.
At lunch one day Gabriel found a small lizard and they had quite the staring contest (it is about 1/3 of the way down on the light colored strip of wood.
I have spent a lot of time putting in insulation.
The last section we had to do we were out of strips so I cut up many scraps and just made it!!
Debi the homeowner insisted on making us lunch last Thursday.  She has been cooking outside for months under a large covered patio.

Delicious Shepherds Pie

We were all jealous as Jerry couldn't eat the Shepherds Pie so she made him a wonderful shrimp cocktail with fresh caught large shrimp.

We all also enjoyed a wonderful fresh salad

This weekend on Friday we visited Homosassa Springs to see a lot of Florida wildlife.


This is a pelican nest - mom is sitting on her chick

Thought it was cool that they put the American Flag in with the Bald Eagle

On Saturday we visited Three Sisters Springs
This guy is in the wild - see how close he is to the shops?

Manatee - hard to see in the pictures but there were many mom's with their babies

Last night we had a bonfire - it was a beautiful evening with a gorgeous moon.  (Teddy is in the lower right hand corner)

We will finish our project here this coming Thursday and all head our separate ways - some are going to various other NOMAD projects and others, like us, are going to do some sightseeing.  We will be heading to Tavernier, FL just south of Key Largo in the Keys.  Until next time - God Bless

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  1. What great pics.... and especially of the new grandson.

    Tell Wayne he really needs to get his addiction under control. Fishing addiction, that is.