Sunday, June 19, 2016


Wandering With The Wrights

First of all Jerry and I want to wish all of the Father's out there a Very Happy Father's Day!!

It has been 6 weeks since my last blog.  Let's just say we have had many appointments: doctors, dentists, oil change on the Jeep, plus repair work done on the Jeep from when someone backed into us last January in Quartzite.  We weren't in the car and of course there was no note left so had it repaired upon our return.  So seemed like all we had done was keep appointments until I started this blog - obviously we have been busy with a lot of other things too.

Where we are in Zion, IL at Illinois Beach State Park - Lake Michigan is right behind us.

High School Graduation for one of our favorite young men - Parker Main - onto Univ. of Maryland in the fall to study Aeronautical Engineering - his godfather Jerry is very excited about his career choice.
Another favorite is Clayton Main - onto Warren High School
Our first get together with Jerry's daughter and family after our return and we were greeted with this welcome!!

Calvin and Jeana - two of our three grandchildren.  Was so great seeing them again after six months.
We love walking Teddy by Lake Michigan - beautiful views

Ya just never know what you will see. 
One of the highlights of being home this summer was being able to join the Peter Wright family (no relation) at his Mom's 100th Birthday Party.  Here is Dorothy sharing her testimony during the hymn sing she requested at their church.

Dorothy has 3 children: One is playing the piano, the other the organ and the third is being the emcee - what a joy that had to be for her.
It takes a village to light 100 candles
And it took several grandchildren and great grandchilden to help her blow them out
Here we are with some of the most unique clown balloon's I have ever seen

Dorothy is amazing and so enjoyed her party
A few nights later we had a much smaller birthday party for our good friend Laura Main and her family in the motorhome.

We left Zion on June 5th for our second NOMAD project.  We join with other NOMADS who have RV's and work a three week project.  This one is in Pontiac, IL.  We are with two other couples who fulltime, a single lady and another couple who still have a regular home.  We have completed two of our three weeks at a senior residence facility called Evenglow.  The staff and the residents have been so friendly and kind and so appreciative of the work we are doing.  Here is some of what we have gotten done.
Getting down isn't so bad but getting back up can be a killer.  Lots of scrapping, painting and glue removal off of door frames.

Tearing off the top of a pergola and replacing all the slats.  In the 90's and humid!!

See how hard we work - even broke the hammer :-)

Jerry after a particularly warm and humid day!!
After the pergola roof was off we had to seal the remaining wood supports before putting on the new top.  So there was a lot of shaking going on!!

We only work Mon. - Thurs.  All these old bodies can take so we have been attending Pontiac's Friday night concerts in the park.

Weekend is over and back to the pergola - we cut all the slots and support pieces.  I even used a circular saw for the first time.  Hopefully will be 60 some years before I do that again :-)

Putting it all back together - really looks nice now.
Took lots of breaks and stayed hydrated.  We just love the people we are working with.

How do we remove all this glue?  There was rubber applied and they wanted it replaced with new.

Lots of scrapping going on

More painting around the elevators - the building is 7 stores high


Jerry, John and Thom

Sometimes the only way to keep something from moving around is to sit on it - Debbie

So after two weeks of a lot of hard work, laughs, working together as a team, devotions every morning we are looking forward to week three!!

My sister-in-law and nephew live less than an hour from Pontiac so went to visit them yesterday.  Had great chicken shish-kebabs and a wonderful visit.  They live on a beautiful lake and it was relaxing and fun.  Also were blessed with a visit from her good friends Kathy and Dave who we always enjoy.
Teddy spending quality time with his cousin Duncan - Teddy was a little confused by the size difference.

and had a hard time figuring out how to get water out of that high bowl

As many of you know in the 70's my late husband and I lived on Midway Island while he was in the Navy.  It was a little piece of heaven right here on earth and we spent 3 wonderful years there.  Recently I learned of a FB Group for people who had lived there and I have had a wonderful time interacting with people who lived there both when we did as well as before and after.  Someone posted the picture below on the website and it brought back so many memories - so since it was Father's Day I wanted to share.  The man on the far right is my late husband Dick, the father of my two boys.  Sitting on the grass my oldest son Keith is the 4th from the right (towards the back a little).
Dick was a wonderful Father and loved his boys so much.

Even though Dick and Keith are no longer with us they live on in my son Stephen's and my hearts and memories.

Until the next blog may God bless you and yours and enjoy every day.

P.S. Retirement is Great!!!!