Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wandering With the Wrights

It is hard to believe that it has been 6 weeks since my last update - time does fly.  We were 2 weeks into our 3 week NOMAD project in Pontiac, IL at the last update.  We finished up our last week there and returned to Zion, IL to our camp hosting job for 3 weeks.  During that time we had various doctor appointments.  Jerry will be having prostate surgery on 8/8.  No cancer thank God!!  We met our obligations of checking people in 3 nights a week at the park, visited and had visits from many friends, and spent time with my mom - mainly taking her to message therapy on her hand.  She is still in a lot of pain but she now has better use of her right hand so we are praying that the pain will start to subside.  

We left Zion again on June 16th for our next NOMADS Mission Project.  We have just finished our first of three weeks in Chatham, IL just south of Springfield, IL.  This is the largest NOMAD's group we have been part of, 20 of us all together, and once again are surrounded by awesome people with real service oriented hearts.

We are at the Methodist Midwest Mission Distribution Center and it is a truly amazing place.  The Methodist church is very much into charity and mission work and all supplies are shipped here, sorted, put together, etc. and then shipped overseas, to poor in the US and also to areas that require disaster relief which can be anywhere.  They have on there property 13 full hook-ups for campers, a dorm that can hold 20 people, 2 duplex's for volunteers to stay in, and a gift shop.  There are people from the area that come once a week or once a month to volunteer.  Lot's of church groups who come for a week and stay in the dorm - last week there was a teen group from Rhinelander, WI and this week an adult group from Troy, MI. There is so much being accomplished here! 

Bags being sewn to hold school supplies. 
Personal Dignity Bags being filled with a towel, washcloth, soap, toothpaste and brush, clippers, combs etc.

These desks have been cut, sanded, shellacked, completely put together, coded so no matter what language is spoken where they go people understand how to put them together -then taken apart, and packed as shown above.

Then shrink wrapped and stored til ready for shipment
Inside a huge warehouse there is the desk building shop, the sewing machine repair shop, the bicycle shop and tons and tons of storage.

This is the old bicycle shop.  Jerry has been working on the new bicycle shop which will be more than double the size then the existing shop then the back wall of the old shop will be removed and the sewing machine shop made larger.

Some of the finished bikes that are stored outside.

Some of our group adding plastic to the ceiling before the ceiling goes up so they can add insalattion.
More NOMADS adding walls to the newest part of the warehouse

NOMAD ladies marking and measuring to make the installation of the walls easier.

A display of some the various bags that are packed and sent out from here.

Stacks and stacks of towels and washcloths

Friday we celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary
Our group of 20 NOMADS

Thursday night we celebrated communion with the youth group before they left

And then went over to their dorm and were treated to watermelon
NOMADS walking back after work to their campers

We are off Friday - Sunday so visited the Lincoln Presidential Museum on Friday

It was an awesome museum.  Very well done.

We really enjoyed ourselves and never dreamt we would actually meet the Lincoln's

Saturday we drove to Litchfield, IL and met our niece Taylor for lunch.  She will graduate in December with her nursing degree.  We had a great visit it had been way to long since we had seen her.
We have two more weeks here which we are really looking forward to.  We are hoping that the temperature and humidity go down next week as they are saying as it has been extremely hot and humid.  Even Teddy doesn't want to go outside.  We have also had several powerful storms roll through.  

We return on 8/5 to Zion for three months of work camping.  Saturday the 6th is my mom's 93rd birthday and looking forward to celebrating with her.  Most of her immediate family will be there.

So all is good with us.  22 years ago we would have never thought that we would be living in a motorhome and doing mission work with the NOMADS but then the One that matters knew and we are so grateful He is allowing us this time of our lives to serve other's, to travel and to meet many many wonderful people.