Sunday, February 18, 2018

FEBRUARY 18, 2018

Hi everyone from Tucson, AZ.  We are in Tucson to attend a Tiffin Rally.  Tiffin is the manufacturer of our motorhome and we are anxious to attend seminars and learn more about our coach.

Since our last blog we traveled from Yuma, AZ to Tempe, AZ. where we spent an entire month - long time for us to be in one place.  The people were friendly the weather perfect so just enjoyed ourselves.  After three projects the end of last year, Christmas and the Rose Parade we were ready to just relax.
Happy Hour in Tempe - great group of people
While in Tempe we got to visit with friends and family which was awesome.

Maureen Douglas and I just reconnected on FB.  We were inseparable during grade school.  She was visiting her daughter in AZ so we spent a wonderful afternoon together.  The guys were good sports and listened to all of our stories without complaint.  We will spend more time together once we are back in IL for the summer.

We also drove up to Payson to visit Stuart & Julie Levy at their new home.  Stuart was my supervisor for many years and he and Julie have become great friends.  

We also visited with David VanHook and Susan both at our home and theirs but for some reason didn't take any pictures.

We had a fun wine tasting one night at the campground

Had breakfast with Jerry's nephew Scott, his wife Sarah and his niece Allison.  Was so great to catch up.
These three have it so together.  With young people like them one feels like the future will be bright.
On February 6th I flew back to IL to visit my mom and to be home for Vincent's first birthday!
I was there 7 days and it snowed 6 of them!!  My brother and sister-in-law picked me up at the airport and our friends Peter & Becky Wright lent me their car - owe big thanks to all of them.

I stayed with my mom in her Independent Living Facility.  It was really great to see her in her element and had a wonderful time with her.  Here we are at Tuesday night Bingo.  We didn't win that night but both won at Saturday night Bingo :-)
February 8th was Vincent's first birthday and Stephen & Juliette let mom and I borrow him for the entire day.  I picked him up from his dad at work and the three of us had a fabulous time.

I had plans for breakfast with my friend Bettylou before I knew I would have Vincent so took him with.
After he ate and we were talking I snapped this picture.  Think he was tired :-)  

Mom roaming the halls with him showing him off to everyone - needless to say he didn't lack for attention.

Great 1st Birthday picture taken by Vincent's mom

That afternoon took him home and celebrated his birthday with his family - this was after the cake.  He is a good eater so most  of the cake went in.
Where my mom lives they have a movie theater downstairs so we went to see Meryl Streep in "Ricki And The Flash"
If I ever end up in Victory Lakes I will be good with that

Under there is my car!!

Had a great visit with Lauri and Shaun Zenner our neighbors for over 20 years.  Lauri is also my cousin.
Snapped this picture of our old house to remind Jerry and I why we didn't like shoveling our driveway.

Steve & Juliette brought Vincent to Mom's the night before I left so mom could enjoy some of the birthday fun with him

I just love this picture.  Mom is 94 so 93 years between them and pure love
It was a wonderful visit home and so appreciate Jerry staying with Teddy and the motorhome.  
It was also great to come back to them and warm weather.

Last but certainly not least this is our godson, Garrett at his Military Ball.
He graduates from college and gets commissioned in May which we will be attending.
So very proud of him and all he has accomplished!!

We will be in AZ for another couple of weeks and then heading to Texas for a couple of months.

Hugs and Blessings to all, Carol & Jerry