Sunday, December 3, 2017

December 3, 2017

Oija, CA Farmer's Market - man after my own heart
Did you know olives grew in a tree (especially for my Midwest friends)?

The trees are actually very pretty but what a mess  underneath them

 In the last blog we shared that we were near Oija, CA and Jerry's family doing a mission project at a Christian Camp.  We really enjoyed our time there and hope to return someday.

There was a small table top here.  It is in an amphitheater where they show videos and movies.  Jerry removed the old table top and made this new one which is much larger and has edges so they don't accidentally knock the projector or laptop off.  He also installed electric so they didn't need to run cords across the stage area.

They rented Jerry a scissors lift to install lights.  He had never used one and really liked going up and down.
Think he was sorry when they were all done.

While he was going up and down in the scissors lift I was cleaning up a lot of their garden area.  Trimmed a lot of bushes, pulled a lot of weeds and transplanted these Heather Bushes - hope they survive.

As a thank you we received a lovely card where everyone we had worked with wrote us a personal note and this wonderful planter of succulents 
I love it and it looks great under the kitchen window.

Our supervisor at Forest Home Camp's wife works at the Ventura Teen Challenge.  Jerry and I didn't know much about this organization.  Maria took us on a tour and to say we were impressed with what they do for people with addictions of all kinds would be a huge understatment.

These are a few before and after pictures of their staff.  When they first entered the program and when they graduated.

What a wonderful blessing for those who want to straighten our their lives

We got to hear several testimonies from girls currently going through the program.
So heartbreaking but the results are miraculous.

See a lot of these oil pumps when driving around the Ventura, CA coast line

We didn't spend much time at the ocean this visit but saw it every time we went in to shop

 We had a wonderful lunch and visit with Jerry's step-sister and her husband: Betsy and Dick.  I forgot to take a picture though
We hosted Jerry's sister Deena and her husband Tim at the motorhome for Thanksgiving.
She brought these darling napkins and turkey favors.  There was literally no one else at the camp - even the staff that lives there were all gone so we had the entire place to ourselves.

Tim, Deena, Carol, Jerry and Teddy out for a walk at Forest Home Christian Camp

It was so nice out we decided to eat outside

It was getting dark and we needed sweetshirts once the sun went down but it was to lovely to go in

And the moon provided some light

 The day after Thanksgiving was our last morning there so decided to take a hike up the mountain to a cross we had seen since arriving

Made us questions our idea of going on but hey you only live once (and we didn't see any of them)

The cross

It got pretty steep but was worth it
 It was a short 100 mile drive to our next mission project in Palmdale, CA.  
We are up about 3,000 feet so the nights get cool but the days are lovely.  

We are parked right behind the church and are working with another couple: John & Janis

After 6 weeks of volunteering at camps with trees and grass you can tell from the landscape that we have moved to the high dessert.  Fortunately on the other side of the church is a grassy area that Teddy much prefers over sage brush and sticker burrs.
One of the first things we did upon arriving was set up our little tree and Nativity.   Tis the Season
Crosswinds runs a day care, preschool and kindergarten.  The kids are so cute and every time we walk by they wave and say hi.

Janis and I decorated the courtyard tree

While John and Jerry worked on more Christmas deocrations.
They also made a lot of awesome Christmas trees cut from lattice sheets - they are in the church and will have to get a picture.  There are colored lights on them and they turned out awesome.

Without trees we can actually see the sunsets

Janis and I have been working on putting 75 packets of 5 different craft projects together for the kids to do the week before Christmas.  So we have been tracing, cutting, glueing (glue dots are a wonderful invention) and bagging what they need.

This is a picture of the carrier that transported the shuttle from the west coast back to the east after it landed in the dessert at Edward's Air Force Base not far from us.

The church lit up at night

And no blog would be complete without at least one picture of Vincent.  Almost 10 months old here.
Don't think he is thrilled with the hat they put on him.

Teddy checking out the birds at Petsmart

John and Janis are retried and live in their motorhome but they are from this area.
John and his son are pilots and built this home built plane & it is kept near here.
So when John suggested he take Jerry up yesterday Jerry was a happy camper.

We went last weekend to see the movie WONDER - it was a wonderful movie and highly recommend it - bring kleenex

With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas right around the corner I will bring this to a close for now.  We will leave here in two weeks and head for Chula Vista near San Diego where we will spend Christmas - will be in touch before then.  Try not to get to stressed with cleaning, cooking, baking, presents, and get togethers.  Remember The Reason For The Season.

Hugs and Blessings, Carol & Jerry                 Teddy too!