Monday, May 9, 2016

Wandering With The Wrights  5/9/2016

Ended up spending one more night in Colorado Springs then originally planned (wasn't a big deal as we always plan extra time for our travels - just in case).  Two reason's for our delay: 1) little windier than we prefer driving in but mainly 2) because after 3 days of celebrating our grandson Adrian's 10th birthday we were exhausted :-).  Our neighbors asked us to join them at the Elks Lodge for dinner.  We had a great time.  Meatball sandwiches, chips, potato salad for $5 and the Lodge paid for our 2nd round of drinks - hard to beat.

The next day was strictly a travel day and spent the night at one of the wonderful rest stops all across Kansas on I-70.  They have a special area for RV's and trucks that circles around on the side of the rest stop.  There are picnic benches, garbage containers and a dump available - thank you Kansas.

Spent the next two nights in Topeka.  A high school friend of Jerry's lives there.  He and Henry met for coffee in the morning and we went out to dinner with Henry and his wife Janet that night.  Had a wonderful visit at a yummy BBQ place in Topeka.  The next 2 pictures show how they decorated the ceiling with antique doors - interesting.  Will definite visit the Padron's the next time we are in the area - delightful couple.

We stopped at the Moon Marble Company to see them make marbles - it was a kids dream store
Fascinating hearing the story of the Moon Marble Company and watching marbles being made

Every toy you can imagine that does not have electronics

Shelves and shelves of fun toys

Not one of them involved a computer, batteries or shooting someone
This was the view from our window while in Topeka at a lovely state park

We then drove to Davenport, Iowa for two nights.  Had another great site at a state park.  
$22 for full hook-ups!!  Almost unheard of at a state park
While in Davenport spent time with our friend Mame.  She and I worked together for years.  Was great seeing her!

One week ago today we arrived back at Illinois Beach State Park for the summer.  Except for two three week periods we will be here until the end of October.  In most state parks you can only camp 2 weeks out of every month.  So to get around that we camp host and donate about 15 hours each checking people in and out.  All of the camp hosts are nice and we enjoy being with them.  In the week we have been back Jerry and I have been to the DDS, Teddy has been to the vet, we have worked 3 days(normally would be 2 but someone was sick so we filled in for her), been to our home church - was sure great to see everyone, and celebrated a great Mother's Day at my brothers.  My mom was happy as all 3 of her children were there and I was happy as my son was there.  My sister-in-law and her sister put on a great meal and we had a really nice time.

Recognize this guy?  He wanted the Resort here and made a wrong turn to the campground.

Since we left almost exactly 6 months ago we have traveled 5,397 miles in the coach, spent the night in 11 states, met some fantastic people, visited some unbelievably awesome places, worshipped in small small churches and large mega churches, visited with friends and family and just generally had a wonderful 6 months.

 We are happy to be back and to visit with all of our family and friends here in Illinois and also look forward to the two - three week mission trips we will do in Pontiac & Chatham, IL.

As always we thank God for this opportunity.  For our health and the ability to live this life style.  For those of you wondering we have no regrets in selling the house and choosing this life-style.  For us right now we feel this is where God wants us.  We feel blessed and happy and can't wait to see what awaits us down the road.