Saturday, December 26, 2015

After bidding farewell to Jerry's family we headed to Anaheim for a week.  The first few days we spent at Disneyland and California Adventure.  I sure wish my Fitbit was working as I would love to know how far we walked in the four days we spent in the parks!!  It is truly an amazing place.  Everything is done and decorated to perfection.  Being able to visit at Christmas time was amazing.  The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful and even though it was crowded the week before Christmas they managed the crowds expertly and we were amazed at how fast lines moved.  I could post 100's of pictures we shot there but I won't do that to you.
Walt Disney truly created the Happiest Place on Earth.
Disneyland's 60th year!

 My late husband and I took our boys to Disney World many years ago and we so enjoyed It's A Small World I had to do it again - it was fun but more fun when you witness the excitement and awe in your children's faces.

The night parade was magical!

Jerry's daughter's nickname is Rose so took this shot for her!

And the day parade was lively and full of Christmas cheer.

After two days at Disneyland our feet needed a break so Jerry's sister Deena and niece Ali drove from Camarillo to join us to visit Jerry's mothers cousin and her husband - Retta and Wally.  We had a wonderful visit and were sent home with lots of tangerines right off the tree.
Retta & Jerry
Retta, Deena, Jerry and Ali

And then it was back to Disneyland for 2 more days
 A Bugs Land
Cars Land
We stumbled across a Felis Navidad Parade that was fabulous.  There is so much going on in the park you could never have it all planned out.

And you run into Mickey everywhere in lots of different ways!
Mickey Bread Dough

Mickey photo bombing our picture

The World of Color show at California Adventure was the most outstanding night show we say.  They even had a Christmas sing-along and they magically projected the words to each song into the water.

A story about Aladdin in Disney Adventure.  This was day 4 and we were both getting pretty tired.  We decided to leave the park, go back to the motorhome, walk Teddy, rest, have dinner and then go back for the World of Color Show.  As we were leaving we walked by this marquee.  We didn't know anything about it so I asked one of the ladies working there if it was a good show for seniors.  She said it was a fabulous Hollywood production that  been running for 13 years and is ending in January and that particular production will never be seen again anywhere.  So that peeked our interest - It was about noon and there was a 12:20 show so we thought perfect - not so perfect that show was sold out.  So I simply asked if there was anyone she could get us in as the next show wasn't until 1:30.  She told us to stay where we were and she came back about 5 minutes later and told us to follow her - she got us into the show in the VIP section!!  They were fabulous seats.  We gave her a big hug and thanked her profusely.  I guess looking old and tired can be advantageous at times!!

We thought about our family and friends a lot as Christmas approached. 
Especially our grandchildren: Calvin, Jeana and Adrian 
Even though we were missing our loved ones we had an enjoyable Christmas.  Christmas Eve we had a great chili dinner here at the park and attended an inspiring candlelight service.
Teddy was all ready to celebrate Christmas morning 
And in the afternoon we enjoyed a wonderful potluck at the park we are in.
The people were so friendly and really made us feel welcome Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Wandering With The Wrights 12/13/2015

We have had three wonderful weeks in Camarillo, California - Jerry's home town.  The weather has been gorgeous - it is actually raining as I type this and this is the first time since we arrived.  It is always interesting to take a drive as there will be a large housing complex and then acres of avocado trees, another housing area, acres of strawberries, another housing area then lemon trees, etc.  And always beautiful flowers.

Lemon Trees
Avocado Trees

When you have a lot of trash cans to move back to the ranch just bungee them together and go!
Teddy loves the soft cushy pillows on Aunt Deena's couch.
Serra Cross Park - breathtaking views - we drive up every time we come to Camarillo
Jerry had a brother 2 years older that passed away when Jerry was one.  Jerry knows he went to the cemetery when he was very young as he has seen pictures but hasn't been there in years.  The cemetery is in Glendale, CA right outside of LA and his family moved further up the cost over the years.  We went and visited and what an interesting place - the curator wanted it to be more of a park setting where people would not be sad all the time but would find beauty and hope.  There are magnificent statues and works of art.  More than 250,000 people are buried there including many famous people.
Larry is buried in a children's section called Lullaby Land
This statue and poem are at the head of Lullaby Land with benches to sit on
If you go further up the mountain at the cemetery and look down on Lullaby Land you can see that it is laid out in the shape of a heart.
Last night we went to Channel Island Harbor for their Christmas boat parade with Jerry's sister(Deena), brother-in-law(Tim) and niece(Ali) after dinner at Outback.

This morning we attended Trinity Presbyterian Church where Jerry's step-sister(Betsy) husband Dick and daughter(Britta) attend.  Dick is one of the pastor's as well as the choir director.  There Christmas Music Celebration was today and we were blessed to be able to attend.  Betsy and Britta are both in the choir.  We have had the opportunity to spend several afternoons with them while we have been here and have enjoyed that so much.  Betsy even made Gluten Free cookies for Jerry!  Her first experience cooking GF and they were delicious!
When in California you can have Fellowship after service outside.
After church stopped at Somis Nut House.  This nut and candy shop has been here forever and if you drove by and didn't know better you would never stop by the looks of the outside.  Inside however are some of the best nuts and candy you can imagine.  One of Jerry's favorite haunts since childhood.

We will be leaving Camarillo and heading a little south to Anaheim on Tuesday.  Jerry and Deena have spent many hours sorting through old pictures and figuring out family genealogy.  They both have really enjoyed this special time together.  This has been a wonderful time to visit family and enjoy gorgeous weather, and to see the ocean and mountains.  Thinking we just might really like living this RV lifestyle!  If you would like to reach us:, - 411 N. 6th Street #4489 Emery, SD 57332