Sunday, February 14, 2016

Wandering With The Wrights 2/14/2016

It was a short drive from Quartzside, AZ to Buckeye, AZ where we were to do our first three-week mission project with an organization called NOMADS.  There are 3 couples that will be working at the church.
Phyllis & Leonard, Sandi & Steve and Jerry & I getting acquainted
Our Teddy and Steve & Sandi's Gabriel also getting to know each other

Our first weekend the town was having their annual parade and rodeo.  We enjoyed the parade but skipped the rodeo.  

On Sunday we attended the church we will be serving for three weeks

Our work began Monday morning at 8:00am.  Our day starts with a devotion and then discussion of work to be done for the day.  We work Monday - Thursday.  The day ends at 4:00pm
The first 2 1/2 days each couple painted a Sunday school room
I painted every inch of this bookcase twice.  Was very happy when she was all done

Steve rolling
Sandi trimming
Gabriel is Steve's service dog.  Steve's diabetes is serious and he has no idea when his sugar levels drop seriously low.  Gabriel is trained to alert him.  And he does that multiple times a day.  He is always near Steve and can tell from his scent when he needs to take is medication.  We have witnessed him alert Steve several times - it is amazing.  How awesome is a God that can create such phenomenal creatures.  By creatures I mean Steve (who could be feeling sorry for himself instead of helping others) and Gabriel (who allows Steve to live the servant life he feels called to).
Steve & Len cutting down three large trees
Len hard at work
Steve & Jerry loading up for removal
Everyone helped load all the branches and stumps
Sandi & Jerry digging a drainage ditch.  We also scrubbed two bathrooms, fixed plumping and several other projects.
Gabriel outside keeping on eye on Steve
We spent Friday doing laundry and grocery shopping and then drove to Sun City to visit Marge & Joe Kowalski.  Marge and I worked together for many years at EMCO Chemicals.  It was great to see them again and to catch up.
Saturday night the church had a fund raiser and they were kind enough to give us all tickets.  We had a wonderful pulled pork dinner
and were entertained by a a delightful Christian family from Phoenix - it was a fun evening.
The second week involved a variety of smaller projects including staining the bottom rim of the pews, caulking and painting many windows, Jerry replacing door closers on the sanctuary doors and more tree cutting
This is where we are parked.  One of the church Trustees has 10 acres which has several full hook-ups and he was kind enough to let us stay at his place.

They have some great looking and tasting lemons

The pastor's wife had a lot of her father's tools that were just sitting in their garage.  She invited us to come over and to take what we wanted.  So I now have a bright red tool box with an assortment of hammers, wrenches, screw drivers, putty knives, etc.  Who knew I would ever have my own tool box or be doing painting - I always hired that done - God knew!
Jerry sorting and cleaning his tools in preparation for our third and last week working in Buckeye
After church today we went to breakfast with several church members.
Jerry and I have been looking for a newer motorhome for some time now.  Our current one is a 2003.  We knew what we wanted and have been had a hard time finding it.
Well we found her and agreed to purchase this morning so we are saying this is our Valentine gift to each other.  She is a 2010 Tiffin Allegro Bus.  She is very pretty.  2' longer than what we have now and she has two more slides. 
They are working on some repairs we wanted done (she is used) so we are hoping to take possession by the end of this week.

One more week of our project which we have thoroughly enjoyed.   It is amazing how God puts a team together of retired people that working together as a team can get the work done that an organization needs.  I have learned a lot and look forward to our next project which will be in Illinois in June.