Monday, August 22, 2016

Wandering His Wonders

Not sure how the time flies by so quickly but it has been a month since our last update.
We had finished one week of our three week mission trip outside of Springfield, IL during our last blog.  The following two weeks found the weather a little less humid and warm.  The first week was truly miserable to work in.  Jerry spent the last two weeks doing a multitude of projects: finished up installing compressor air lines and made some custom racking in the new bike shop, helped install a ceiling in a warehouse, and installed air conditioning in the chapel.  I spent that time learning to make desks - most of which will go to Haiti.  The wood is pre-cut.  Then each desk is put together piece by piece (there are many supports and bolts to ensure that they will be strong for years).  Each joint is labeled so that anyone who doesn't speak English can still figure out how to put the desk together.  Each screw, bolt & washer is counted and bagged to accompany the desk.  The desk is then checked for being level and then totally dismantled!!  It then goes to the finishing room where it is sanded with a sander, receives a coat of polyurethane, is hand sanded and then another coat of poly.  After drying for 24 hours it is covered with shrink wrap so all the pieces to that one desk stay together.  Then 18 are loaded on a skid, that is shrink wrapped and then it is ready to get shipped.  It was hard work but I was working with a great group and we laughed and sang and visited and the time flew by. 

Shelves of desks drying and another being laid out to receive polyurethane
My first finished desk!!  I had lots of help

The number of volunteer hours that the Midwest Distribution Center had last year.

2015 supplies shipped

We were told we needed to visit Sheel's Sporting Goods Store - it was huge - even had an inside ferris wheel!!

Cemetery where President Lincoln is buried

Outside of Lincoln tomb

Lincoln grave

In the same cemetery is a wonderful memorial to service men and women from the Korean War, WWII, and Vietnam dedicated to the veterans from Illinois

Korean War



Toured the Dana-Thomas house.  Frank Lloyd Wright was the architect.  We have seen several of his houses and this one is wonderfully preserved and huge - even had a one lane bowling alley in the basement.  Mrs. Thomas did a lot for the local children and strongly encouraged all races to get to know each other.  She would have children come to her library on Saturday's and even made sure children at local orphanages had transportation so that all were included.  It was a great story.

The Old State Capitol
Jerry imaging a young Lincoln being there

Loved our fellow NOMADS - one Sunday night we had nothing to do so had a hymn sing

After all that singing there was food of course!

While we were at Midwest Distribution Center a local technology company was having a contest.  The non-profit organization, I think there were 6, that received the most votes would win either a $15,000 or $5,000 computer upgrade.  Midwest came in 2nd and we were there to see them presented with the check.  They were so excited and grateful.

We returned home just in time to celebrate my mom's 93rd birthday!!

Me and my mom - she is such a blessing!!

Two days after Mom's birthday Jerry had prostrate surgery.  Everything went extremely well and all is good.  The rest of the time has been spent visiting family and friends and we work here at Illinois Beach three nights a week.  

Last Saturday Joan Dockery included us in a cook out that included our dear friends Rev. Paul & Leah Manyara's, from Kenya, two daughters and son-in-law.  Inspire of the rain we had a great time and a wonderful visit.

We will be here until the end of October - if you are anywhere in the area let us know.