Friday, November 27, 2015

Wandering With the Wrights 11/27/2015

We made it to Vegas and spent sometime at the Hoover Dam.  The story behind the building of the dam and the men who built it is fascinating.  For it to be done in just four years is absolutely amazing.
I put a damper on our time in Vegas as my sinus infection came back with a vengeance so actually just chilled a lot in the camper and once during the day and once at night we drove down the strip to see the people and all the lights - we will be back some day.

After leaving Vegas we spent two days  driving bumpy mountain roads.  Was a bit much for this girl from the      Midwest but Jerry handled the driving of the rig like a pro!  We arrived in Santa Paula, CA on Monday making our goal of being here in time to spend Thanksgiving with Jerry's sister Deena, her husband Tim and our niece Ali.  We spent the entire day with them cooking, laughing, sharing and catching up on our lives - it was a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

And like many of you we decorated today for Christmas!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Wandering With the Wrights 11/16/2015

Last left you saying we would be boondocking at the Hard Rock Casino.  Nice well lit lot and a lovely evening for a short walk to the casino.  Where the RV’s park was not real level but other than that more than adequate for a free night of camping.  Ate diner in the casino at a cute RT 66 Diner. 
Next stop was Chickasha, OK where Jerry's maternal grandparents are from.  
Beautiful sunset in Chickasha, OK
Jerry's Maternal Grandparents Grave - Chickasha, OK

On our way out of town we decided to detour about 45 minutes to Geary, OK  Jerry’s sister has been investigating their ancestry and knew that their great, great, great grandfather was buried there.  It wasn’t at the first cemetery we went to and we were directed to a very old cemetery down a red dirt road -  remember we are in a 38’ motorhome towing a dark gray Jeep that quickly became an ugly gray/red color J

The trip was well worth it as we found the grave and were very moved by what he had written on the back of his young daughters headstone "Farewell my wife and children all.  From you a Father Christ doth call."  Exciting to learn he was a Christian.  He was an officer in the Union Army during the Civil War.

Spent the night in Roswell, NM and visited the alien museum
White Sand is quartz from the surrounding mountains.

There is an 8 mile drive thru the Monument.  Families picnicking and children on the round plastic discs sliding down the sides of the dunes.

This will be our 2nd night in Tucson, AZ.  Tomorrow to Congress and then four nights in Vegas where I have never been.  Staying on schedule and looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with Jerry's sister, brother-in-law and niece.  Hugs and Blessings, Carol & Jerry

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Wandering With the Wrights 11/7/15

Welcome to our blog - Wandering With the Wrights.  Jerry, Teddy and I are hoping you enjoy following along with our travels.  If at anytime you would like to stop receiving this blog please email me and let me know – no hard feelings.

Just a short recap: As most of you know we left 12/29/2014, right after Jerry retired, to see if we still liked each other after 4 months in our motorhome.  We have talked about living in our motorhome for years but talking about it and doing it are two different things.  We spent most of the winter in Texas – loved being in Texas and also found that living in such tight quarters and doing so much together actually brought us closer.  We came home in May, spent a few weeks getting the house ready for a realtor to look at, sold the house in 11 days and had to be out in 3 ½ weeks.  It was tough physically, we aren’t kids anymore, and mentally - what to give to the kids, what to donate, what to sell, what to store (we had agreed we would only keep what would fit in a 10 x 10).  The couple that bought our hme were wonderful and they did a lot to help us (like letting us store stuff in the garage for a few weeks until the subdivision annual garage sale) and they bought some of our stuff so we didn’t even have to move it!!

So the middle of July we became full-timers.  Our home is 38’ long with two slides – probably about 350 sq. feet.  Jerry drive’s it and we tow our Jeep and bikes behind us.
We thought at this point we would settle into full timing and enjoy spending time with friends and family before heading out again in early Nov.  BUT my mom decided it was time to move into independent living at Victory Lakes in Lindenhurst, IL it is a wonderful facility and she and I had been discussing this move and researching different facilities for about two years.  She passed her driving test at 92 but decided with the move to give up driving, as she really doesn’t need to anymore.  They will take her most anywhere with a little notice.

So Jerry and I and my brother and sister-in-law got busy getting her house ready for sale and getting her moved.  Had her house painted and cleaned and put it on the market.  Her place only took 6 days to sell!  I wish I could say the selling of her house was easy but it was a real challenge but it is done and she is happy!!

We did take a couple of breaks in between all of the moving and went to a Family Motor Coach Convention in Madison, WI and a week’s convention in Kalamazoo, MI with the NOMADS.  You will hear more about the NOMADS down the road but it is mission organization we have joined and everyone who works on the 3 weeks projects stays in an RV.  We will do our first protect in February.

We left Illinois Beach State Park in Zion, IL on Nov. 5th.  We had been at the park since August doing what is called work camping.  Basically checking people in and out of the campground.  We both worked about 17 hours a week together in exchange for a free campsite.  As great as the free is just the fact that we could stay in the campground for over two weeks in a given month was a real blessing.

We are heading to CA and AZ this winter.  We have a few side trips planned on the way out but will be in CA for Thanksgiving and really looking forward to spending it with Jerry’s sister and brother-on-law that we haven’t seen in years.

Last year when we were heading for a destination we would drive 250 -300 miles a day, spend the night and then do it again.  However, we are retired and not in that big a hurry plus that was hard so this year driving a day, spending the night, driving a day and then spending two nights.  We were still in IL the first night and upon leaving we saw this sign:
and tonight is our second night in Marshfield, MO.  Glad we aren’t driving today as I have come down with an awful head cold so have just pretty much done nothing all day.

You may have heard of campers staying in Wal-Mart parking lots or other such places where we don’t hook up to anything and it is free.  That is called boondocking.  We have stayed in our share of Wal-Mart’s, Camping World, etc. but tomorrow night will be our first casino - stay tuned!