Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wandering With The Wrights

We were meeting some friends in a small town just west of Tifton, GA for Thanksgiving.  We went a day early as I wanted to drive over to Albany, GA where my youngest son, Stephen was born, while his dad was in the Navy.
Guess what - it changed a lot in the 45 years since he was born :-).  The Navy base is gone and we found the housing we lived in.  It was new and beautiful when we lived there.  It now looks like Section 8 housing and leaves a lot to be desired.
While driving around Albany one of the bikes fell off of the bike rack on the back of the Jeep.  We were on a quiet road and Jerry was able to retrieve it easily.  Thank heavens it didn't happen the day before on the highway.  A man even stopped and asked if we needed help - southerner's are so friendly.
Just a few days before Thanksgiving our grandson Calvin's Grandma Becky and I figured out that Calvin, his dad and Grandpa Peter would be coming very close to where we were in Georgia on their way to to Florida to spend Thanksgiving with her and Peter's mother.  Becky got ahold of Peter and we decided to meet at Cracker Barrel and to surprise Calvin.  So when he walked up on the porch we were sitting in rocking chairs waiting!!

We had a great day before Thanksgiving breakfast together!!
We had Thanksgiving dinner with Jeff & Nancy - Nancy and I both supplied food and it  was a wonderful meal.
We then drove a short distance to Camp Tygart for our next NOMAD's project.  It is a beautiful camp and conference center.  They also hold EMMAUS Walks there.  It is on 50 acres and located on the shores of Withlacoochee River.  We have completed one of our three weeks there volunteering.  
The grounds are beautiful and our camping area is perfect.

Our main job is to replace 12 windows in one of the many cottages.  The cottage is very old and so are the windows and each window takes a lot of custom fit work.
Harriet getting a stubborn nail out of a board the men can reuse

The couple that moves wood together stays together.  Jay & Harriet
Jerry was pretty proud when he got his first window done.

Harriet likes taking the frame work down.
The couple that saws together stays together - John & Mary Ann our Team Leaders
Works out well when the outside scaffolding can be placed so that two windows can be worked on at once - Jay, John and Jerry.
There are goats at Camp Tygart we get to feed -
There is a small pond and even though it is hard to see we feed the fish bread and they love it.  There are also chickens and we get fresh eggs.

This is Georgia one of the camps two Rhodesian Ridge Backs - 
This is my hand petting Georgia she is normally a real mellow dog.
 I am showing you the picture of how sweet Georgia is before I tell you about the incident that Teddy and I had with her.  The people who manage the camp told us that she can be aggressive with other dogs if they come up by their house (about a block from the camping area) so they recommended we keep Teddy down on that side of the camping area and all would be fine.  The guys had gone to an area a distance from the campers to get us picnic tables.  The other ladies and I went back to our campers, we are the only NOMAD there with a dog.  I put Teddy's leash on and took him outside the door.  We had only gone a few steps when Georgia came out of nowhere and attacked Teddy (before I go any further Teddy is fine).  Somehow I fell - don't know if Georgia bumped into me or if I tripped when bending to pick up Teddy but I ended up sitting on the ground trying to hold Teddy as Georgia came after her left rear leg.  I screamed (hard I guess because I was hoarse for several days) and Harriet and Mary Ann came running.  They pulled Georgia away and she calmed down immediately. Just sat there like nothing had happened.  The guys returned and several of them took Georgia up to the house to lock her up.  Georgia's owners were off the grounds perhaps that is why she attacked.  We checked Teddy over and he was fine - he was a little careful of that leg for a day or so so imagined it was bruised but he is perfectly fine now.  It proved that I have strong lungs and a strong heart because I was really scared.  We stayed another day and a half and they would lock Georgia up when we walked Teddy but I was still nervous so Thursday we moved over to a lovely state park nearby.  We will just drive back and forth to the project everyday and that is fine.  I am eternally grateful to Mary Ann & Harriet coming so quickly and to be willing to pull Georgia off of us.  We were very fortunate it ended as it did.  The people that own Georgia feel terrible of course but it all ended well.  So that was enough excitement, at least of that kind, for a long time.

Yesterday all six of us went to this Village Museum in Tifton - it is very well done and we all learned a lot about life back in the late 1800's and early 1900's in Georgia
We rode a steam train and got off at the different areas.
The engineer had his grandson with him - and the young man yelled "All Aboard".  He was darling

Making Wassail over an open fire
Piano in the old church - Harriet plays beautifully!

Old School House for the 28 children of 3 brothers who owned the land
The docent in the school house was really informative
The NOMADS checking out the cotton

One of the owners had 14 children and had a 4 seater outhouse!!

The docents enjoying the Wassail.
Received a really interesting tour of the grist mill

Jerry by a huge bail of cotton.  We also saw a print shop, drug store, saw mill,  blacksmith shop and 
The Tift house (Tifton, GA was named after Mr. Tift)  A northern who came to Georgia and bought lots of land that had  trees on it and made his money running his saw mill.  The home is full of many different kinds of beautiful wood.  
Cotton in the entryway of the Tift House
We stopped at a BBQ restaurant for diner and this was their version of Santa 
The gorgeous poinsettia tree where we attended church this morning

The six NOMADS all cleaned up for church
Went to the Parrish House Restaurant for lunch today - awesome home cooked southern food - We may to revisit before we leave the area
Decorations inside the restaurant
This is our little tree in the motorhome

We of course need a nativity set
Left our stockings where we were sure Santa would find them!!

We will be here for two more weeks working at Camp Tygart and then leaving the motorhome and driving the Jeep home for Christmas.  Until next time . . . . . . . . . .

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