Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wandering With The Wrights

It has been almost a month since the last blog - how time flies!!  We had two more weeks on our NOMADS Mission Project in Ray City, GA.  We replaced 12 very old windows and each one had to be custom fitted.  The guys did a wonderful job removing, replacing, sawing and trimming the windows.  The ladies removed nails, caulked, primed, removed nails, painted, washed and did I mention removed a lot of nails!  The end result was awesome.  Our leaders prayer most every morning at devotions was that people would look out the windows and see God's creation and be strengthened in their belief in Him.

Me and my guy - it is wonderful working together for others

We have enjoyed worshipping at the UMC Methodist Church in Adel, GA.  In front of the railing around the alter the women have made individual covers for the kneelers.  Each one is unique and beautifully done.

The couple that run Camp Tygart, the retreat center we worked at fed us delicious meals for lunch everyday. One morning we also got homemade biscuits and gravy along with fresh eggs.  Not good for the waistline but was all so yummy!
The state park we stayed at had a lot of Christmas decorations but the only one I got a good picture of was the cute bear that welcomed us into the park each night.

We passed this house every day - looks like a two story split in half with a single story middle - would love to know why it was built this way - there has to be a story.

Jay is a retired Methodist Pastor and was on team with us - he did a wonderful communion service the day he and his wife Harriet left.  They left two days earlier than the rest of us to get home to see one of their grandchildren's Christmas Concert.

This is Harriet as she and Jay left the project - we were all sad to see them leave.
We become fast friends with the people we work with on these projects.

The kitchen windows all replaced, blinds, new rods and curtains hung!!!!

The living room is used for prayers at the Emmaus Walks held at Camp Tygart

The guys relaxing after all the work was done!!  It was a successful 3 weeks

Jerry and I relaxed for a few days, readied the motorhome for us leaving it for 11 days and headed to Illinois to celebrate Christmas with our family and friends. 

My son and his girlfriend Juliette and our new grandson who is due in February

Found snow way to soon when we headed North.  We were really blessed with relatively warm weather (20's & 30's)  It had been much colder the week before.  We only had two light snow showers while we were there.
My brother Brian, Taylor my niece and my nephew Keenan came up from Peoria and we had a great lunch and visit where my mom lives.  I didn't take many pictures which I regret but my other brother Bruce, Sister-in-law Nancy and my mom were all there also.
My mom's apartment is small so some of us were in the living room and some hung out in her bedroom.

Not the best picture but we had a wonderful pizza night with our grandson's dad Chris and his parents
Peter & Becky  

Jerry, Calvin, Chris, Teddy and I and the HUGE teddy bear Jerry bought Cal before he was born

Jerry's son Robert and daughter-in-law Amy - so enjoyed spending time with them

We also spent time with our dear friend Diana and had dinner at Laura & Eric Main's house the night before we left along with our longtime friend Shirley.  We spent Christmas Day at my brother's house in Zion with his wife, her two sisters and my mom - another wonderful time to visit and catch up.
There were a few places we went that we thought it was best not to take Teddy so our friends Linda and Joan watched him for us on three occasions.  He loves them dearly and I know the feeling is mutual.
Joan snapped this great picture of him.

Spent an evening in Elgin with my son Steve, Juliette, my mom and Juliette's 4 daughters.
Our little guy was a real trooper doing 10 hour days to get home.  He is the best travel dog ever.

We got back to Adel, GA and our motorhome on Thursday Dec 29th - we had a wonderful trip but as always it is good to get home.   We will be here two more days and then will head to Florida for the next 6 weeks or so.

 It is New Years's Eve as I work on this.  Jerry and I hope that 2017 is a healthy and happy year for each of you.  We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our grandson in February and we will be back in Zion at Illinois Beach State Park to be camp hosts in late April or early May for the summer.  We have been working on some exciting plans for fall - stay tuned!

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