Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wandering With The Wrights 3/2/2016

In the last blog we had finished the first two weeks of our three week NOMAD Mission Project.  We finished up the last week with more caulking, painting and general repairs.  The last day of the project the pastor came for devotion time and served us communion.  This was our first NOMAD project.  We are signed up for two more this summer in Illinois.  It was a great experience and we are looking forward to working more with the NOMADS.

The NOMADS team and several other church members including the pastor and his wife at Cracker Barrel
The six NOMAD team members: Jerry & I, Steve, Sandi & Gabriel, Phyllis & Len
Jim & Shirley are the couple that allowed us to stay on their ten acres in Buckeye while we worked on the NOMADS team.  All three couples were their guests for three weeks and they were wonderful hosts.  We even had a potluck with them at the end of our time there.  It was hard to say goodbye to the other two couples - we had become close in those 3 weeks of working together - we know we will see them again down the road.  I mentioned in the last blog that we had found a new to us coach to buy.  It needed some work so Jim & Shirley offered to let us stay on while we waited.  So we had the privilege of staying an extra 10 days.  We became great friends and shared more meals together.  They are a wonderful loving couple that we feel very blessed to have met.

George - lives on Jim & Shirley's farm and is like a watch dog.  He is really funny and when you call him and he sees you have bread he comes a running.

While waiting for the coach we had some free time so Jerry did some shooting out in the desert.

His aim was really good especially considering how long it had been since he had done any shooting.

Jim and his really cool hot rod

Finally on Thursday 2/25 we got to pick up the new 2010 Tiffin Allegro Bus 40' with 4 slides 

We spent two days moving from our 2003 Dutch Star 38' with 2 slides into our new Bus.  We drove her to the dealer and said good-bye.  We have had her 6 years and have lots of good memories.  Then spent Sunday unpacking boxes and getting settled enough so that we could continue on our journey.  We said good-bye to Jim and Shirley and headed for Mesa on Monday.

We arrived in Mesa exhausted from all the moving and the heat.  They have had had record breaking heat in Phoenix all through February.  I know it is dry heat but when you are moving and the sun is beating on you it is hot!  We still had a lot to do getting settled and lots of paperwork: getting the bus registered and warranty work, etc.  By Tuesday lunch we were feeling more relaxed and started making plans to visit with some of our friends and family that are in the area.  Made arrangements to see my cousin and her husband Friday but she surprised us and came for a visit yesterday - it was so great to see her.

My cousin Mary and her dog Sadie - and of course our Teddy.

We have two weeks in Mesa and our looking forward to meeting up with friends and family that are in this area.

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  1. I know those last few weeks were stressful in deciding on the new BUS and also both survived it well.

    I just signed us up for a Florida project in Jan. Not many left. This was only one suitable that was not full. Hope others sign. But maybe not, we signed as leaders so that just dissuade a few.

    So, if you are in FL same time just might see ya'll.