Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wandering With The Wrights 3/16/2016

Last blog we had just arrived in Mesa, AZ for a two week stay.  Here are some of our adventures:

Last summer we met the Sparks from Gurnee.  They had just sold their home, bought a motorhome and were starting out just as we were.  They have spent the winter in Apache Junction, AZ.  We spent the day with them and had a wonderful time.
The views from Canyon Lake were beautiful!

Dollar bills from all over cover the walls inside the main building.
They took us to Tortilla Flat for lunch.  Talk about being in the middle of the desert!

Have no idea who this lady is but she was a good sport and posed so I could get a picture of the women's stalls :-)

Next we visited a Ghost Town
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We had a wonderful day with Frenchie and Jimmy.

Took Scott (Jerry's nephew) and his bride Sara (of one month) out for dinner.  We had a wonderful evening.  Two young adults who have their heads on straight - can't wait to see where the future takes them.

With all this time in the desert Teddy requires baths in-between monthly grooming - Jerry combing him out.

Ken knew we were in the area and made arrangements to surprise Cheryl while at lunch at the BBQ Heaven Restaurant.    Ken & Cheryl attend church with us at GCC in Illinois

Jerry couldn't stand how all the wires were tangled around the TV in the new motorhome so straightened them all out.

Our neighbors in Mesa were very friendly and invited us to a potluck.

My cousin's husband, Jimmy Peddle, took us out into the desert in his ATV.  We had a great time.  The desert is just starting to bloom - should be fabulous in the next few weeks.  Had a great time - saw one snake.  It has been so warm they are out earlier than usual - lucky us!!

My cousin Mary in the ATV we went to the desert in.
My beautiful cousin with some beautiful flowers

Had lunch the next day at Mary's daughter Heather's in Gilbert.  She has a beautiful HUGE home.   The water was still to cool for us humans but the dogs had a ball.

Jerry, Mary's Uncle Van and Jim Peddle
Heather and her son Cameron - two wonderful people!!

The day before leaving Mesa we had breakfast with Bob & Diane Leonard (also from our church in Illinois).  We had a wonderful visit - think the waitress was happy when we finally left - she got an extra big tip.

We spent an evening with an old friend, David VanHook, forgot to take a picture but will be having lunch with him next week so hope to remember then.

We specifically came to Mesa to visit with friends and family and we are so glad that we did.

We then headed to the west side of Phoenix to have some work done on the RV.  They were items we had requested be done when we purchased it and parts had to be ordered.

After dropping the RV off took the Jeep to get a new tire - picked up a huge screw somewhere in our travels.

Teddy waiting patiently as they changed the tire.

The first day they had the RV we got the tire changed, Jerry & I got hair cuts, Teddy got groomed, took him to a dog park and we visited the people we had stayed with while working the NOMADS project in Buckeye.  So the first day of repair went quickly.  The second day we were at the RV dealer's from 8:15 to 3:15.  They had a very nice lounge for us to wait in and we met another couple who had just bought their first RV had had an estate sale and were going full-time.  The time passed quickly as we chatted.  They had lots of questions and we were more than happy to answer them - we had so many people help us get started and we are still learning.

We could not ask for a better dog than Teddy to have on this adventure with us.  He just takes everything in stride.  

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