Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wandering With The Wrights 1/28/2016

Until yesterday we were still boondocking in Quartzside, AZ
We spent 11 days with no hookups so needed to be conservative with our water, waste water & electricity(generator).  We are very pleased how well we did - could easily make two weeks on our own.  
You just never know what is going to fly over

Along with the beautiful sunsets I showed you in the last blog we also saw the moon setting one morning

We continued to have interesting and educational seminars - this was on fire safety and how to put out a fire in a rig

and how to use the emergency window exits in our rv's

When the wind picks up in the desert there is no problem finding paper weights
12 cars full of boomers headed out to the Desert Bar outside of Parker, AZ
A unique saloon located on the site of an old mining camp.  You have to drive approximately 10 miles on dirt roads to get there (reminded me a lot of some of the roads we were on in Kenya).  It is hard to describe but worth the trip to see at least once.  Food was good with enormous portions.  If you build it they will come.  The entire saloon runs on solar so if no sun they aren't open.

We had a wonderful surprise a few days before we left when Jerry's sister, brother-in-law and niece stopped by to take us out to breakfast.  We had a great visit - thanks Tim, Deena & Ali.  We ate at the Main Street Restaurant which is unique in itself.  Many campers boondock in this area and need to conserve the water that their rigs hold.  This restaurant also features showers and a laundromat so you go in put your clothes into wash, take a shower, move your clothes to a drier and go have breakfast or lunch - it is always packed!!

We left Quartzside and Boomerville having had an awesome time.    To get to our destination for the next few nights we had to drive through Hope, AZ  Its name was inspired by the community's hope for increased business.  Today it consists of one RV park, one gas station, one church and one antique store.  We enjoyed their signage:
The welcome sign coming into town
We chuckled when a very short distance further we saw this sign as we left the town.

In between was however the Little Church of Hope - just to prove there always is HOPE

The next small town was Salome, our destination for two nights.  Salome isn't much larger than Hope but it has a KOA that allows you to wash your rig at the campground (many don't) and after 11 days in the desert boondocking the coach, the Jeep, the laundry and yes even Teddy needed to be washed.

We leave here in the morning for Buckeye, AZ where we will be working our first NOMADS mission project.  We will be at a small Methodist Church for 3 weeks with two other couples doing various tasks.  We know one of the couples and are excited to see them and to work together.

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