Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wandering With The Wrights 1/21/2016

While in Yuma, AZ we crossed over into Algodones, Mexico and enjoyed a wonderful day.  The city caters to senior citizens from Canada and the US. They flock to the town for dental work, legal pharmaceutical drugs and eyeglasses.  Jerry saved over $200 on his prescription eyeglasses - exact same frames as from the US
Outdoor restaurants play 40's, 50's & 60's music in English
Purchased a jacket from my Mexican amigo
Waited in line about 50 minutes to cross back over into US through customs.  Have been told line can be 2+ hours long.
Enjoying time with a couple from Lindenhurst that camp host at IL. Beach State Park with us. Had a great evening with Dennis and Marcia Zwissler in Yuma. 
Left Yuma for Quartzite, AZ and the largest RV show in the world.  We are boondocking (no hookups) in the desert a few miles outside of town with a fantastic group of people from an organization we belong to called The Boomers.  So they call this area of the desert Boomerville while we are here - 145 rigs so far.  Jerry up on rig surveying the area for a good place to park. 
The sunsets have been magnificent - some of the prettiest we have seen 

The sunset reflected on our coach

As you can see life in the desert is pretty simple
Aerial view of Happy Hour at Boomerville from the quadcopter
One of the men here has an awesome quadcopter and lands it successfully on that small rubber mat
There is every kind of rig you can imagine here.  This is called the Sundeck and it has a reinforced roof, stairs inside to climb up to the sundeck which holds 18 people.
There are many educational speakers presenting at the fire pit during the day.  This is Curtis the creator of RVillage.  A social network on the line of Facebook for RVer's to stay in touch and be able to meet up again as we travel.  It is a fabulous resource and it was such an honor to meet him and to hear his story.
Every 3rd morning there is a pancake breakfast - it takes about an hour and a half to get all the hungry campers fed.
With all these rigs and no amenities something has to be done with all the trash.  So every third morning while the pancake breakfast is happening 3 or 4 men from the group with pick up trucks hall all the trash into town where a dumpster is provided.  They don't mind going as they get to be first in the pancake line.
This was a sign at a tent serving ice cream outside the large tent of vendor's at the RV show.  

We have only been in Arizona for a little over a week and have had a great time so far.  We will be here another few months and really looking forward to it.  We will be here in the desert for another week.


  1. So glad you joined Escapees otherwise you would have never experienced Boomerville. See you back in IL.

  2. So glad you joined Escapees otherwise you would have never experienced Boomerville. See you back in IL.