Sunday, April 9, 2017

Wandering With The Wrights
April 9, 2017

The last two weeks have found us visiting family near Charleston, SC, friends in Charlotte, NC and starting a new NOMAD's Project at Lake Junaluksa, NC.

My late husband's sister and brother-in-law Sue and Jim Grow.  We used to see them at least twice a year but since they retired and moved to Ladson, S.C. we hadn't seen them in 6 years!!  It was wonderful spending time with them and catching up.  We took a boat trip over to Fort Sumter 
There were several school groups on the tour and I loved what the back of their shirts said.
We had dolphins escort us to the fort
Fort Sumter is a sea fort in Charleston.  Known for two battles from the Civil War in 1861
The docents did a wonderful job of showing how the soldiers lived
Jerry explaining the fort layout to Sue - 
I was surprised as to how large the cannon's were.
Gun ports

Flag over Fort Sumter
Our next stop was in Charlotte, NC to visit friends from our home church in Gurnee that retired to Charlotte last fall.  It was great visiting with Mary Lynn & Bob Dubler and seeing their beautiful new home.  They were wonderful tour guides and took us to several interesting locations.

At the Charlotte Air Museum we saw the actual US Airways plane that survived the crash on the Hudson River
After seeing the actual plane it truly was a miracle that anyone survived

Engine was that was torn off during the landing.  There was a very interesting 30 minute video.  Some of which we had seen on the news but other was new to us.  Captain Sullenberger and Jeffrey Skiles are truly two amazing men and pilots.

The climbing wall at the U.S. National Whitewater Center. The center is a non-profit outdoor recreation and training facility for whitewater rafting, kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing and mountain biking.   The center was built for use during the 2000 Olympics and cost $38 million to build and $6.8 million per year to operate.
The centers primary feature is the world's largest and complex recirculating artificial whitewater river.  
Zip line at the center - 

The Wrights and The Dubler's on a beautiful day in
 North Carolina

We then drove North to Lake Junaluska, NC 30 miles west of Asheville for our next NOMADS project.

We arrived on Saturday and met up with the rest of the NOMADS team.  We attended church Sunday morning at Long's Chapel.  Several of the NOMADS had been here before and told us to watch for the Squirrel Man in the front pew at the church.  We did and sure enough he was there.  One of the churches local mission projects is taking firewood to the people who live up in the mountains to help them stay warm during the winter.  On one such trip up the mountain they met Herbert "Cowboy" Coward aka Squirrel Man.  He is just as an authentic mountain man as you will find.  They invited him to church and he and Angel his pet squirrel that is tethered to him have been coming every Sunday since always sitting in the front pew.  Cowboy pays close attention to the singing and the sermon but does not participate - he just sits in the front pew taking it all in and petting and sometimes feeding Angel from a small leather pouch.  They cause no trouble and everyone is used to them being there so it is really just people like us who try to get a look at them.  How awesome that he is allowed to worship the Lord in peace.  Just him and his best friend!!
FYI Cowboy "played" the part of a mountain man in the movie "Deliverance"

Cowboy with Angel
Lake Junaluska is a Retreat and Conference Center for the United Methodist Church.  It is breathtakingly beautiful nestled in the mountains.  It is known for being peaceful and tranquil and with changing people's lives as they leave the hustle of life and come here to relax and be renewed.

The old hotel called the Colonial where we have been working to prepare the rooms for students coming to work here for the summer.
Kay helping to clean the kitchen
Scott cleaning light fixtures
It takes a real man to scrub a stove and oven - way to go David.
How many NOMADS does it take to change a light bulb
Lake Junaluska has hotels, cabins and a campground - we did some work in the campground cleaning up after the winter.
There is that little grandson of ours popping up again.  
Two weeks from Friday this little guy will finally meet his Grandpa and Nana - YEAH!!  Can't wait!

Friday night the entire team went to Waynesville for some of the best burgers and shakes we have ever had. 

After dinner we drove to this Antique Mall to the local Friday night auction - authentic auctioneer and all
You name it they were auctioning it off.  It was great fun.
Anyone need a plow?
How about a case of toilet paper?
Bags of M & M's?
After church this morning we went to The Terrace Hotel at Lake Junaluska for a fabulous brunch!  Because we were NOMADS they only charged us half-price  -  now how nice was that!

We have two more weeks here at Lake Junaluska - we are working with a wonderful group of people at a beautiful spot in the mountains surrounded by so much beauty: lakes, mountains, budding trees, flowers.
Anxious to see what the next two weeks bring.

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  1. Back in 2010 we toured Lake Junaluska. Took a picture of Len standing at John Wesleys pulpit. Enjoy your time there and as always, take time to visit.